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Pastoral Council Minutes March 2023

St. Patrick’s Parish Council Minutes
March 16th , 2023

Saint Patrick’s Parish Council met March 16th, 2023 at 7 pm in the Library. The meeting began with prayer led by Father Kevin Joyce. Roll was taken. Present: John Hurlocker, Molly Williams, Susie Larsen, Shelly Niewohner & Father Joyce. (Amanda Ellis, Hollie Booth, Trustees Joann Wragge & George Kahlandt absent)

• The minutes from the February meeting were reviewed as amended. (John & Molly)

Committee Reports:
Finance: Financial accounts as of February 23rd, 2022 were presented and reviewed. (Shelly & Susie)

Religious Ed:
• 1st Communion went well…very exciting
• PA was out – main power amp was off. Bugger.
• Confirmation retreat went well. Alli & Rachel were there & there were speakers who gave talks. It was a good day.
(John & Molly)

Altar Society:
• Linus blanket project – getting started. Planning on 2 sessions.
• Green Brunch on Sunday the 19th. (St. Patty’s Day)
•. April 30th – Reception for First Communion – Also Confirmation that day.
• May 4th National Day of Prayer
• May 7th – Fathers Birthday
• May 10th – Baccalaureate – it may be our turn this year
• Love basket continues
•. Altar Society elections coming up – attendance is “so so” so wondering how that’ll go.
•. 50th Year Priesthood Ordination – June 11th – in Norfolk. Altar society is planning on a carpool to attend
(Shelly & Susie)

Knights of Columbus: Nothing at this time.

• Mike Larsen & John Roche keep researching for proposals for HVAC’s. 3 proposals are sought.
• Doors are in
• Dan Allison put in new can lights (LED’s so brighter), new outlet in maintenance room for Compressor
• John –working on landing to help with the water damage below the circular stain glass window
• New sensor & boat for incense is here & ready to roll
• Comment from Molly that automatic doors are truly great
(Shelly & Molly)
Old Business:
• This may be the last pastoral council meeting before the volunteer appreciation celebration
• We need to get these in the mail! 3 weeks before (we want to make sure we do not miss anyone!). (Joan typically takes care of invites.)
•. Parish Dinner: April 16th: Breakfast Pizzas (12) /Salad & desserts, coffee & tea.
(Movies & snacks removed) Mike has been voluntold to pick up breakfast pizzas. Molly will pick up salads. Desserts will be “WE ALL BRING ONE” “& welcome to all new parishioners” – add on
(Molly & Susie)

New Business:
• Holy Week & Easter Schedule together – 2 retired priests are recruited to help out.
•. Easter Letter will go out to all 4 parish families with times & days listed
•. April 30th - Confirmation & First Communion Acknowledged
•. Last day of R.E. – 1st Wednesday of May. (Movie Day)
•. May Crowning – Senior Mass – May 7th
• Scholarships – if anyone would like to contribute
•. May 14th – Mother’s Day
•. Save More Announcement – still working on it
•. Elections for Pastoral Council – that council would be the one moving into the Family. It would be best to get back to 8 council members. Two will need to represent our parish in the Family Council. We will need to get recommendations for new members together.
(Susie & Shelly)

Next meeting: Tuesday, April 18th at 7 pm.
We closed with a final prayer & meeting was adjourned. (Motion to adjourn: Shelly; Molly 2nd,)

Submitted by Shelly Niewohner