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Pastoral Council Minutes April 2023

St. Patrick’s Parish Council Minutes
April 18th, 2023

Saint Patrick’s Parish Council met March 16th, 2023 at 7 pm in the Library. The meeting began with prayer led by Father Kevin Joyce. Roll was taken. Present: John Hurlocker, Molly Williams, Susie Larsen, Shelly Niewohner, Amanda Ellis, Hollie Booth, Trustee Joann Wragge, Larry & Father Joyce. (absent: George Kahlandt)

• The minutes from the March meeting were reviewed as amended. (John & Susie )
Committee Reports:
Finance: Financial accounts as of March 31, 2023 were presented and reviewed. • (Susie, Hollie)

Religious Ed:
• Confirmation will be on the 30th
• Rachel has done a fantastic job as DRE – Father believes both parish DRE’s will still be leading each individual parish
• Closing Movie Night – First Wednesday of May
• (Hollie, Shelly)

Altar Society:
• April 30th – Confirmation Mass – they will host a reception for First Communicants & Confirmandi
• Please double check to be sure they were listed in the bulletin
• July 9th – blanket tying
• May 4th - Day of Prayer
• May 7th – Senior Breakfast & May Crowning
• May 10th – Baccalaureate – 7 pm HERE
• May 14th – We’ll celebrate Father’s Birthday (surprise!) – also Mother’s Day
• Cookie Sales – Where should we do that this year? Many hometown folks did not receive information to get them
• June 11th – Father Kramper – invitation to celebration in Wayne at the Beaumont o Carpool potential!
• Sunday, June 25th – Farewell Picnic for Father
• Searching for Council Members – there is a need
• Salad Luncheon – May 2nd at 7 pm
• (Susie, Hollie)

Knights of Columbus: Nothing at this time. Rich Elske is doing better!

• John & Mike continue to research the HVAC – trying to line up 3 bids • Extreme, Waldinger
• Mowing season coming up
• Painting – 2 guys – still need the top of the church painted – trim & such (they are not getting back to Father…possibly Stan Mencke)
• Defibrillator education received
• Father walks the church to check things out – will need a facilities manager for each parish. A volunteer is a volunteer & goes on “volunteer time”. A manager is needed. A part time paid position would be something to consider.
(John, Molly)

Old Business:
• 80 people showed up for the appreciation dinner for Volunteers & New Parishioners
• Father texted again. Paper invitations seem to get thrown in a pile. Time to go digital. An “events” sign up genius is something that needs to happen. Council will need to divvy up the list to contact in the future.
• Yes’s - Brian Dunn, Zach Treves, Mike Uhing & Richard Elske, Allie Petersen, Ashley Olson, Yes if needed - Scott Niewohner, Lyle Pille & John Roche would if needed Mark Blackford said yes for the next term
(Susie, John)

New Business:
• Time Capsule – marking the end of an era. It might be the last time we have a priest living in Tekamah. There are certain things that are coming to an end. This could commemorate those things.
• Father will be moving into the Apostles – 11 churches w/ Fr. Beran. Fr. Bridgeman would also be in the mix.). Father would live in Lyons.
• No definitive structure yet given for us yet.
• Holy Family Church – reach out to acknowledge their transition. Possibly a big card saying “we are with you” & “you are on our hearts”. Invitation to bible study groups a nice extension. You are going through a transition & we are with you.
• Vacation Bible School – June 12th-16th; 9-noon. Friday night mass would be great!
• Expanding the St. Patrick’s Finance Council – for movement forward (Dave Wragge, Joan Andrew, Rod Rudebusch, Larry Nunn & Stephanie Boardley). Address parish needs here & feed into the family.
• Save More Program – issue something explaining it. ($17,000 through the years!) It’s $5.00 per $100. The $5 is matched by Scott.
• Parish Tasks – Which church would supply what?
o Cosgraves - Votive Candles, Altar Wines, Hosts, Baptismal Candles
o Each parish would need to provide their own “needs”
o Gift Certificates for Servers – altar society? ($5 coupon)
o Server Awards
o Money Counter – a new one will be needed
o Volunteer Appreciation/ New parishioners /Ballots
o Scholarships – how to evaluate whether they are church going & “in it”
? DRE would be part of this with the council
o Make a MASTER CALENDAR that lists things needing to be done
o If someone is sick, who would be contacted?
o Sacristans – do we have what we need?
o Weekly compressor bleeds
o Changing the lights on the time
o Spraying for bugs
o Debug the fire alarm panel
o Who is going to be here to meet people?
o “There are things you gotta do to take care of your house!” (Shelly & Susie)

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 23rd at 7 pm. We closed with a final prayer & meeting was adjourned. (Motion to adjourn: Susie; Hollie 2nd,)

Submitted by Shelly Niewohner